Sunday, March 15, 2009


That's all folks!


Hilary said...

What a great video, but sad to see ya go! It was fun reading you, and good luck with your writing!

p.s. I live in your 'hood!

Marvo said...

Sad to see you go. Good luck with your future endeavors!

matt said...

I wanna say good luck.

And I wanna say all those nice things.

But I'm actually crying right now (ok, some tears of laughter) because I didn't realize how much I loved your food posts and how I read every single word you always wrote.

I'm gonna do my best not to be sad.

Moon said...

Always leave 'em laughing. Thanks

Trig said...

Talent will always out, and yours has been more out than most. Your soundtrack is soooo appropriate. After all, she didn't always love him, did she? Especially after the domestic violence and the rehab and despite the new TV show. Promise one thing before you go. When the audience figures start to flag for your syndicated TV series, you won't drag any ex-spouses along to pep things up. It's been a massive pleasure reading you. From now on you have my permission to call yourself The Notorious Kevin Biggie - just so long as you keep your rear end a lot smaller than the last guy with a similar name and don't get plugged while parked at a red traffic light. Just keep on doing your thing. Because as you once observed, a sick mind is a terrible thing to waste.

jdeq said...

Great way to finish the blog. I've always enjoyed Acme because of the quality of the writing and the humour that flowed throughout. Best of luck with your writing . . . whatever form that may take!

Sean said...

Yeah, OK, well, so maybe not a big surprise, but I was holding out and hoping ... HOPING that you'd come back full force and wow us with your amazing funny food bloggy chops.


So who're you writing for?

Cindy Lou Who said...

There's a shortage of perfect people in the world... Yours was the blog that gave me the guts to make my own Limoncello. You rock! I heart you bigtime. Ciao, Bello! XO

rachael said...

(Why is this post called 30?) I miss you and hope all goes well and you come back some day...soon.


chefgrace said...

Nooooo! You can't leave us!


Best of luck.

Love, Grace

Acme Instant Food said...

Hilary--Thanks. Did the Blogging For Dummies book land in your yard? Oops.

Marvo--I bow to you!

Matt--Go ahead and say them. Seriously. (thanks bud)

Moon--or at least leave em far enough behind that they can't catch you an collect the reward money.


Trig--Thank you much! I'll try to keep spreading the sickness.

Sean--I kept hoping too, but time is sadly limited.

CLW--keep the poodle out of it! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Rachael--"30" is the journalism term for the end of a piece of work. And I never say no to a possible return.

Chefgrace--Yeessssss...I feel like I already did months ago with such intermittent entries. xoxo

Gustad said...

you commented on my food blog at least once before. i wanted to let you know its back, sorry for the long period of nothingness

Lis said...

I knew this was coming. But I didn't know how sad I'd be to find out it's happened.

I wish you and Ed all the love, luck and good health in the world! I think of you often and usually with a big silly grin on my face. :)

Hugs Kev! It was a pure pleasure to have met you!


WeirdandWonderful said...

i just found your blog, and wanted to say you are wonderful! had quite a few good laughs. (i too suffer from Palmoliveluvahwashititus like your partner..if you find a cure..pls email my poor bf)
thanks for the giggles!