Thursday, August 31, 2006


I received an email recently from the deliciously inspiring Lisa (she has restauranteur blood coursing through her veins and it shows) at
La Mia Cucina and Ivonne at Cream Puffs in Venice (Ivonne's recipes and photos drive me to lick my computer monitor). They were planning to throw a virtual party and I was being invited. The goal was to stuff a table full of food blogger's recipes that showcase fresh summer ingredients. I scratched my head (not sure if from performance anxiety or dry scalp) because I wasn't sure what to create. I generally suck at homework assignments.

Summer is really about abundance. At home I am hoarding a stash of the
most juicy, sexy peaches ever. Betty Ford may need to open up a "Peach Wing" at her place out in the desert for me*. My herb garden is bursting with live savory offerings, including a shrub of fragrant basil sizeable enough to trim into a topiary of all seven dwarfs. I decided to splash some tequila into this mix. The result was abundant happiness and joy! I know ya'll surprised that I'm bringing alcohol to this party, right?

*Cindy--No honey, she isn't related to Tom. If he had a place in the desert, trust me, it would be a lot more fun.


1 juicy, very ripe peach for each two drinks
Your favorite high quality tequila
Sweet & Sour mix (I used regular ol' margarita mix)
Tripple Sec
Fresh Basil
lots of ice

For each drink:
Wash peach well and pat dry. Slice in half, but leave peel on. Muddle half a peach and a few leaves of basil together until very juicy and basil leaves are crushed. I used a heavy mortar and pestle which makes short work of the task.

Plop fruit (skin and all) and basil mash into a shaker. Add 2 oz tequila and 4 oz sweet and sour mix. Add a splash of Tripple Sec. Fill with ice. Shake well (the cocktail shaker--not your hips. That'll come after you taste). Strain into chilled glass with ice. Garnish with a basil leaf if you are feeling exceptionally gay and festive.

These margaritas look and taste like colorful ribbon candy. The first photos didn't come out quite like I'd hoped so I'd hoped I made a secondd batch. They werent' rite either so I thjink that this thirfd batch wokred well. This isgonna be a gfreat party!


KT said...

Do you think using fresh lime juice instead of sweet and sour would be okay?

The famous Senor Julio Bermejo in San Francisco was my tequila professor and he weaned me on fresh lime juice margaritas. I'm afraid I really can't hack the mix.

Out of all the degrees I have, my masters in tequila is the one I am most proud of.

wheresmymind said...

Oh man...I love fresh 'ritas!

Acme Instant Food said...

KT--Fresh lime is always best in 'ritas. I used mix here 1) cause it was what I had and 2) I'm wondering if too much citrus will overwhelm the peach flavor. I think you'd best hit the store and make some and then let us know how delicious it is(you can take off the disguise for this shopping trip).

Allison said...

These sound delicious!!

Lis said...

Not only did I laugh out loud at my monitor, bringing tears to my eyes, but I also experienced what coffee feels like when it travels through your sinus cavities.*

Where I can NOT say that I'd like to experience that again, I CAN say that post was hysterical!!

Leaving aside my burning cavities (sinus that is) a fresh peach margarita sounds simply orgasmic. MY. GOD.

Bless your cotton socks, Kevin.. now we've got a party! Thanks so much, my dear - you rock!!

*One day I will learn not to sip a beverage while reading your posts.

Margaret said...

I'm on batch 2 and ugh... I'm jamming out and singing to ELO's "Living Thing" ... whoops, now "... I wear my sunglasses at night" and feeling like I need to get up and mix up batch 3 and make love to Jose' Cuervo.

... or dig into those few extra pieces of leftover sushi.

Ivonne said...

So when can I come by to sip my margarita???

What an incredible entry! Thank you for participating and for bringing this beverage to the festa!

I especially love the photos ...

matt said...

What's this? A Tom Ford Treatment Center? I've been trying to kick my dependance on sexy sleek lines and neutral tones for years!

Oh wait, nevermind.

LOVELY drink recipe here. I shall make one today.

Hahahahahahhahahahahh I said one.I crack myself up!

Ellie said...

Oh god, the contents of that glass look simply orgasmic! I'm a bellini lover myself, but I'll have to try this new peachy alcoholic drink!

christine said...

Umm, those little flecks of basil and peach are gorgeous. Wouldn't this make a stunning sorbet????

Christine (myplateoryours)

Kalyn said...

Sign me up for some of these!! (Please do not remind me that triple sec has sugar. I don't want to know.)

Callipygia said...

this looks gorgeous! Hmm tastes like ribbon candy, count me in.

keiko said...

this looks great (and you didn't garnish with a basil leaf :))

Veronica said...

Gurrgle. Slurp. Mmmm.

Margaret said...

Oh where oh where did my Bloggy Bud go,
Oh where oh where could he be???

sarah said...

have you learned nothing at all?!?!

drinking and blogging don't mix.


now where's my cocktail...

Alphonse the Noble said...

My name'sh Alphonshe - at least it was when I last looked at the label - I think - well I'm trying to....that these magaritash are wunnerfull and deeeeeeelishuss. Thank you Acme whoever for making me analkahollick........

Eric said...

Wow... This recalls a couple of drinks I really enjoy. One is a different sort of fresh peach margarita, which has no basil, but DOES include a decadent drizzle of Chambord over the top. The other uses no fresh peaches (but could) and does use fresh basil, with fresh lemon, banana pepper, peach schnapps, Jack Daniels whiskey and a splash of soda.